Australian Shepherd Temperament

Australian Shepherd TemperamentWhen talking about your Australian Shepherd’s temperament you need to realize that the Australian shepherd is a herding breed of dog that is known for its intelligence, intuition and intensity.

The breed is also known as Aussie and is

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very smart and loyal and its physical characters are that it is medium in size with a bob tail.

Its color can vary from red Merle, black, red, and blue Merle which is mostly solid. Your Australian Shepherd temperament has been a subject of huge debate in view of the fact that people always argue over what is good and what is bad.

The Australian shepherd is always very confident and courageous not only with the persons he is use to but also to strangers.

He is generally never shy or worried but he always tries to make friends with the people he finds welcoming. He is never apprehensive or uncertain but always stays alert.

Despite the fact that he may be unfriendly at times (especially when provoked), he is always very observant on every detail, and keeps an eye on the environment.

He is usually very cautious and has a good ability in character judgment, which makes him able to analyze the situation and act accordingly. The Australian shepherd is able to protect both his master and farm animals, but this can only be developed well when he is able to meet and interact with many people during growth.

He must also

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be exposed to many situations and scenarios so as to be able to develop the required character and style. He is normally not aggressive or hostile towards people or animals, but this needs to be greatly natured while he is growing up.

So when understanding your Australian Shepherd temperament the family needs to give the human companionship that your Aussie needs to develop his mental and physical character. This is highly recommended for those that use Australian Shepherd’s for herding and protection.