Grooming Australian Shepherds

Grooming Australian Shepherds: Keeping Your Dog Healthy, Happy and Clean

AustraliaAustralisn Shepherd Centern Shepherds or “Aussies” have always been popular for their train-ability, high intelligence and versatility. As part of the working breed, Aussie are recognized for their great energy and drive.

They are also admired for their beautiful features and coats, with colors ranging from black, blue Merle, red, and red Merle. Grooming Australian Shepherds is a must.

Grooming your Australian Shepherd is absolutely essential because its coat plays an natural part in their performance as a working breed.

The Aussie’s coating supplies defense towards burns, scratches, cuts, the elements as well as levels of resistance from dirt and mud. For this reason, it is a great idea to buy and use the best brush you can find.

You may choose to apply either a coat conditioner or un-tangling solution to your dog’s coat before brushing. Use a good bristle brush when combing through your Aussie’s hair, making sure not to harm its skin.

You may utilize a small brush for getting

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at the rear of your Aussie’s ears. Brush your Aussie’s hair regularly or at least once a week. Bathe your Aussie when necessary. Australian shepherds’ coat is naturally water resistant and contains natural protective oils that excessive bathing strips away.

Next, you may proceed with cleaning your Aussie’s ears. Wax and grime accumulates on your Aussie’s ears.

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Leaving them not groomed can result

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in harmful bacteria development.

Brush your Aussie’s teeth regularly. Once a week is ideal. Brushing will prevent tartar buildup. Toothpaste and toothbrush made especially for dogs can be bought from your local pet store.

Nail clipping is necessary and should be ideally done every two to three weeks. Clip only towards the end of the claw. There are nerve endings that you have to be careful not to clip. These nerve endings are in the middle of the nail and you can tell where it starts by a dark color or spot.

Keep an eye on the dark spot in the middle of the clipped nail. This is the start of the nerve endings. Remember that clipping further may hurt your dog.

Grooming Australian Shepherds is showing you care for your precious pet. It should be a pleasant and stress-free experience for your Aussie.

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The energy you put toward caring for your Aussie will not go unnoticed. If you are enjoying grooming time, he too will learn to enjoy it